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WordPress Speed Optimization

Our team of technicians has the expertise to make your site load in under 2 seconds

Page loading speed is one of the most critical factors that websites are judged by. If a visitor has to wait too long for something to load, they will leave. These bounce rates increase further for visitors using mobile devices such as cell phones. It’s not just the poor user experience of visitors to be mindful of, Google will penalize your site. This means customers looking for your service or product will have a harder time finding your site in ‘organic’ search results. WordPressWatch has experts that know how to get your site running in peak condition. We’ll make use of caching plugins and CDN systems that give your users the fastest site experience possible.

WordPressWatch’s speed optimization services benefit WordPress sites of all types and niches. Slow websites cause page bounces from visitors, causing them to go elsewhere. Google may also penalize your site for poor performance, hurting you in its search index algorithm. The priority of our WordPress speed optimization services is to get your site loading in under 2 seconds, while also improving Core Web Vitals.

Image Optimization

We make use of lossless compression for our image posting. This maximizes quality while keeping image files as small as possible. We can also set you up so that future images will be automatically compressed.

A picture may be "worth a thousand words," but it's more like millions in terms of jpg file sizes. If your pictures aren't being compressed, your site's speed can be drastically affected for the worse.

If you are unfamilar with image editing tools and have unoptimized pictures on your site, it will run poorly and visitors won't stay long.


Render-Blocking Resources

Render-blocking resources are any page elements that delay the initial render on a visitor's browser. If the site takes too long to show the page being rendered, many visitors with back out completely.

We organize your JavaScript, CSS, and font code information into locations where they won't affect the loading time of your site in terms of the visual elements.

The code of your site needs to be efficiently structured when speed is a top priority, both for your users and search ranking.


Minify JavaScript and CSS

We'll tighten up all of your scripts and styles, making them load faster and take up less server space. We'll also have your site cached where the styles are arranged with the page head while the scripts are moved to the footer. This gets your site loading quicker by making the code more efficient.

Every character of code impacts your page load speeds. Compacted files load quicker, providing a better user experience.


Better Browser Caching

We implement a saved version of your site that is updated regularly. Visitors who arrive at your site will actually be given a cached version that loads quicker.

This can be one of the most impactful actions taken in terms of WordPress speed optimization. If you aren't making use of browser caching, your site won't load as fast as it can and your bandwidth costs will be higher.


Enabling Compression

One of the best things you can do to speed up a site is to tighten up your used resources so as to be coded more efficiently. We'll configure your server for Gzip compression, which will speed up your page load times.

Compressed files can be transferred quickly and take less time to load.


Remove Query Strings

If your URLs contain the "?" sign, then they are not being cached by every proxy caching server. By removing these query strings, we improve page speeds for users.

If your static resources like your CSS, JavaScript, or images possess query strings in their code, then your site won't be taking advantage of caching that will save time and bandwidth.


Review Server Response Time

Sometimes your site's poor load times are the result of substandard hosting. We'll actively monitor how your host makes use of resources. We'll make any recommendations for changes if necessary.

If your hosting service is revealed to be part of the problem with your site's speeds, we'll direct you to one of our preferred dedicated WordPress hosting service partners.


Combine Requests

By combining your CSS and JavsScript and then moving that data to the footer, we can reduce the overall amount of requests made by the site. This lowers your page load times.

Having badly coded scripts can drastically increase the load times for users. WordPressWatch's engineers will make sure your page's HTML is clean and lean.


Inline Critical CSS

CSS is only ever supposed to be announced in the header of the page, so we inline the most essential CSS first. Anything not completely necessary will load after the page has been rendered.

WordPress CSS needs to priotize the above-the-fold content for your visitors. This is the content that your site visitors see first when they land on your page. The bigger the CSS files are, the longer it takes for a browser to process them.

Your visitors need to be comforted that the website they are trying to access is loading at speeds they are used to. If the bottom of the page is loads first and they can't see it while the top they can see stays blank, they will bounce.


Lazy Loading Image

Lazy loading makes pages load faster by lowering the resource burden of the pages in order to load. Images and other objects won't be used until they are needed. By implementing lazy loading for your site, we'll save bandwidth and make pages load faster.

The average page load time is around 10 seconds on desktop and over 27 seconds on mobile. Tools like Lazy Loading prioritize resources to be used on what the site visitor is actually viewing. By having your pages not completely load for your users, your bandwidth costs will be lower. Improperly configured Lazy Loading can have negative impact on your SEO, but we know how to stay friendly with Google's web crawlers.



What Is The Importance of Having a Fast Site?

  • Increased Visitors: We've all bailed on a site because it was loading slowly and we had options elsewhere. The rates for mobile users abandoning sites for high load times are even steeper than for desktop computer users. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, over half of your customers have gone back to the search page results to examine the competition. By having a fast site, your customers will make more use of it.
  • Better Ranking: Fast-loading pages get ranked better. It's one of the most critical metrics that Google uses when it comes to how it ranks search engine results. By having your site get ranked better, you attract more future customers in turn. Having an optimized site is key to being competitive in your market.
  • Maximize Profits: Speed matters across every aspect of how people use your site. Increasing your page load speed has a direct impact on your conversion rates. By not optimizing your site, you're leaving money on the table. A delay of as little as a tenth of a second will hurt your conversion rates by 7%. Keep your site competitive and you'll see the rewards.

How Does WordPressWatch's WordPress Speed Optimization Service Work?

Once we start the onboarding process for your website, we'll perform a comprehensive audit of your site and your host. We'll develop a plan that will get us to try and score whatever 'easy wins' are available first before tackling the more difficult and often more time-consuming strategies.

The longer we spend with your site, the more manual optimization your site will receive as part of our standard care plan. We also make use of our plugin library to further improve the loading times.

Our technicians will work hard to make sure your site is constantly being optimized and finely tuned. Having a website that maintains consistently fast speeds will receive more traffic in turn.

We also partner up with our premium plugin developers to give you access to many of our premium plugins, such as for premium caching and image compression.

Can You Guarantee That My Website Will Load in Under 2 Seconds While Under Your Care Plan? 

We aim to have all of our clients' sites loading in under a second, but we can't make blanket promises when all sites are unique and different. Anyone who promises load times of certain times without seeing your site just wants your money.

Given how unique and different every website can be it may be impossible to attain a loading time of under 2 seconds. To serve as an example, if your website is on a shared hosting service where it is using resources with thousands of other sites while also being served over a dozen Google Ads, your site speed will likely be affected.

As long as you take the advice of our engineers regarding your site, you have adequate hosting, and you make use of our speed optimization methods, getting your site to load in under 2 seconds should be within reach.

Can WordPressWatch Help Me Move To A Faster Host?

Absolutely. We have close relationships with hosting providers we have worked with and will match you up with someone who can meet your needs best. By developing ties with our hosting partners, we can better verify aspects like customer support, reliability, and speed.
Additionally, our clients benefit from our free migrations for those that do switch.

Our technicians will provide recommendations for the host they think meets your needs the most, including if you need your site to load faster. We will oversee all migrations to keep them as painless a procedure as possible. Our service techs will make sure everything is handled smoothly and will not include downtime of your site.

After the migration is successful, we'll make sure to optimize the new hosting environment.

Does WordPressWatch Offer One-time Speed Optimization?

Our speed optimization plans are only intended for clients who are interested in long-term solutions for keeping their sites in peak condition.

Providing some one-time speed boosting for your website may improve page load speeds for the next week or maybe a month, but the site will slow down as long as there is no one dedicated to speed optimization.

We're not just looking to get sites in better working order for the next few days, but for the foreseeable future.

While we may be reticent to embrace one-time speed optimization services, we recommend doing a bit of research and possibly downloading some books on the subject. You may be better served by approaching a freelancer about such work.

How Do You Speed Up Websites?

Many of our plans offer performance boosting. We'll optimize your site with manual adjustments and with preferred plugin practices. We know what it takes to increase your page load times in order to best keep your page bounces low.

Our technicians will perform a full audit of your website and hosting environment during your onboarding process. We take this time to consider what can be done to increase your site performance or improve the user experience for your site visitors.

We will improve your site's performance as a long-term project. Keeping your website fast and responsive is a never-ending arms race, but you can't afford to fall behind!

While undergoing the onboarding process, we'll process your website and find out which plugins will improve your site's performance or functionality. Some of the preferred plugins will provide you by

  • Optimizing images
  • Removing query strings
  • Tightening up your Javascript and CSS code
  • Optimizing mobile versions of sites
  • Providing render-blocking resources
  • Combining requests
  • Leveraging browser Caching
  • Implementing Lazy Loading Images
  • Enabling compression
  • Inlining critical CSS
  • Reducing Server Response Time
  • Providing CDN support

After our onboarding process of taking a full audit of your systems, we will comprehensively analyze items like GTmetrix waterfall, Google Core Web Vitals, and Google Pagespeed. Our engineers will tweak and modify your site's infrastructure, letting you know when the crucial improvements have been made. Our team will let you know when they have maximized the quickest gains.

Yes, it's included

How We Increase Your Site's Speed

E-Commerce Optimized

Speed is vital when it comes to online commerce, not just because your customers will likely be browsing through different pages, but also because customers will be less inclined to spend money on your site if they worry about any technical issues. We want to maximize the user experience for our customers by prioritizing speed without any impact on performance otherwise.

A fast site makes you more trustworthy to do business in the eyes of your customers. Do you feel safe handing over your credit card information to a site that times out while loading its e-commerce store?


Minifying Resources

Every single space, line, and character takes up space and time in your code, meaning bloat will slow you down.

We'll tighten up the code for your HTML, CSS, and scripts to reduce bloat and make your site load quicker. We will also delay the loading of the JavaScript to the footer, which will reduce your page load times. This can be a delicate process as reducing code by too much can affect site stability. We'll never sacrifice performance for speed and our mission is peak efficiency.


Image Optimization

We'll make sure your images are compressed losslessly, which will reduce image file size tremendously without having to sacrifice quality. We'll also make use of 'lazy-loading' plugins that defer the use of resources until needed. This will increase speed, and reduce bandwidth and server costs by having images only load once the visitor has scrolled far down enough on the page. 

Unoptimized images can drastically impact your site's speeds, so it's crucial to keep their file sizes lean.


Caching and CDN

By configuring the right browser caching plugins, we speed up your page load speeds for recurring visitors. Imagine your site information being available in multiple nods all over the world. When a visitor requests your page, they'll connect to the the server closest to them, giving them faster speeds.

We'll set up a CDN (content delivery network) that will improve site load times by distributing content closer to where your visitors live, reducing load speeds. CDNs can reduce bounce rates and can increase how much time users spend on your website overall. This will also reduce your bandwidth costs on a per-visitor level.


Database Optimization

All of your site information resides on a database that needs to be maintained like any other complex system. Over time, your database will become more cluttered and you will experience negative performance impacts as a result. Regular database optimization will keep your site at peak performance, impressing customers new and recurring alike.

WordPressWatch's technicians have the skills and expertise to take your site to the next level.


Plugin Inspection

Plugins are one of the most special components of WordPress and are what make every site different. However, not every plugin is up to par and sites are often clogged with unnecessary or substandard plugins. We'll run a full diagnostic of all your plugins to delete what's not needed and replace anything that may be outdated or buggy. By making the code more efficient, we'll reduce the overall size of your site and increase speeds at the same time.



Managed Security

It's not IF your unmanaged WordPress site will be hacked; it's WHEN.  We lockdown your site.


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Image Smashing

No more slow website downloads due to uncompressed image files.



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