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Weekly Updates

We manage all plugin, theme, and core file info update, with over a 99.99% success rate !

Your site needs to be on the latest editions of WordPress core files, plugins, and theme data to be both secured and in peak performance. It’s not all too uncommon for plugins or a theme to have minor incompatibilities that need to be smoothed over. These bugs and errors can frustrate less experienced users, but our team of technicians knows exactly where to look and how to apply fixes.

New functionality-based plugins and widgets need to be carefully configured and updated in order to avoid increased chances of crashes and other errors. Having a dedicated WordPress management service means you no longer have to handle the gritty details yourself.  WordPressWatch will make sure your site is running in peak condition and fully secured. In the event that errors arise, we’ll take care of them quickly- without any downtime.

Weekly Updates

We make sure your files are up to date every week for your WordPress site, whether it's core files, plugins, or themes. This is one of the most effective ways of keeping your site secure, as hackers and scammers are always looking for vulnerabilities and other bugs to target.

Failure to keep on top of your updates puts your site at risk of being hacked, which would hurt your reputation and cost you money.

Our monthly plans cover all edits to your site. Simply fill out a ticket, and we'll get to work. We won't nickel-and-dime you for each site change you request. 

Full Summary

Get comprehensive reporting on updates, uptime, backups, and traffic. Performance and security reports will be included as needed. Our weekly and monthly reports give full transparency about the performance of your site.

We will also be able to connect you to your Google Analytics account for even more useful data to grow your business.

Choose What Gets Updated

Do you have a legacy update or plugin? We will add them to a 'no-update' list until a more permanent solution can be found.

Be mindful that abandoned plugins that no longer receive updates are popular targets for hackers and put your site at risk. If you notice the message "This plugin hasn't been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress..." then you really should consider looking for a replacement.

Safety First

We'll compare your website both manually and automatically to ensure there are no errors or problems. Some plugins don't require much attention while others will need to be reviewed more directly.

Manual reviewing of updates is ideal, particularly when it comes to involving any major change such as to a feature. Some plugins require minimal monitoring and may be automatically updated without any issues.

Perfect Timing

We'll update your site during low-traffic times to reduce any impact on your site's users. Sites need to be reviewed after the updating process to make sure there are no bugs or compatibilities that will require a rollback. Our priority is to avoid any downtime and that site visitors aren't affected by updates.

Your customers won't notice anything different until the new site changes go live.

Our Solutions Scale

Whether it's one site or a thousand sites, we have the tools to help you keep them managed. We'll get your sites securely updated and performing in peak condition.

Having to micromanage your business sites to stay in safe working order takes time, but WordPressWatch's technicians will help you return to focusing on your business.


What Are WordPress Updates?

Like all software, WordPress requires regular updates to the code to enhance performance, add new features, or tighten security. The changes to the code of your WordPress site may include changes in the code to core WP software, the theme, or the plugins. Much like apps on your mobile phone need to be updated, so do your WordPress site's plugins.

If you've ever operated a WordPress site before, you may be familiar with the bright red notifications in the admin dashboard. It's important to stay on top of your core WP files, plugins, and theme to minimize your security vulnerabilities. Updating a WordPress site can be a fairly straightforward process, but safety precautions are best used to ensure compatibility with your plugins during the updating process. Our engineers will perform a full backup and test the updates in a staging site before we ever run them live on your site.

Why Do I Need To Perform Regular WordPress Updates?

The WordPress platform and its plugins are updated regularly for numerous reasons. Failure to stay on top of regular maintenance puts you at risk of security vulnerabilities and sub-par performance. Laggy websites lose customers, so don't let yourself be vulnerable. Some of the most core reasons to keep WordPress software updated may include:

  • Security Patches: As the most popular CMS, WordPress is also one of the most targeted by hackers and scammers. The moment a buggy plugin becomes known for an exploit, every site with the plugin becomes targeted. Even if your site doesn't contain sensitive business information, there are countless reasons to target your site, such as building bot-nets for DDoS attacks, Black-Hat SEO, or spreading other malware. If your website is online, it will be attacked. As an open-source platform, older versions are particularly vulnerable, making updating a core security practice.
  • Performance Boosting: As time goes on and systems update, even the most trusted and well-reviewed plugins and themes will become obsolete, or possibly just abandoned by their creators. Performance must be maintained to keep your site from experiencing site lag. Poorly maintained WordPress sites suffer high load times and lose viewers. Outdated versions will run slowly or may not work at all. Don't let your brand's reputation suffer over being known for a sluggish website. A core update will increase your performance but may have an unexplored bug, which makes backups and staging critical for testing purposes.
    Website speed is crucial not only for the user but in how Google ranks your site in its search algorithm. Visitors expect your page to load in less than 2 seconds. If visitors are forced to wait for your page to load, they will hit the back button and click one of your competitors. Performance issues can be particularly harmful to e-commerce sites, where users may be put off from using your site completely.
  • New Features: WordPress is always evolving and growing, whether it's with advancements in plugins or with the core WP software itself. WordPress 6.0 debuted earlier this year, including such new features as single-click theme switching and numerous advancements to the Block Theme Editor. There were also many notable accessibility improvements and under-the-hood performance boosts that make it easier for all users to experience your site's content.

How Do Your WordPress Update Services Work?

Your WordPress updates are managed weekly, safely handled, and performed during off-peak hours. We aim to ensure that updating is smooth and doesn't impact site runtime at all.  We make sure your updates and plugins run smoothly before they go live on your site. The updating process can get messy as conflicts can be common and the odds of conflict multiply with every plugin you use for your site.

Updates may cause your site to break, go offline, or could cause unwanted changes to the design of how your site loads. Your page visitors who use your site regularly will be concerned by misaligned page elements and new users may just look elsewhere for a competitor with a less janky-appearing site.  Our backup protocols mean you will always have a previous version to fall back on while we smooth out your code compatibility issues.

Why Is My WordPress Slow? 

Many things can impact your WordPress page load times in terms of site performance. There may be too many plugins installed, or maybe one of the plugins is out of date. Safely updating your WordPress core, plugins, and theme data are critical when it comes to page performance. Make sure that your images and other graphics have been thoroughly optimized and that you're only using needed plugins. Also, make sure your host server is meeting your needs in terms of speed expectations. A slow web host is of of the most common reasons for a slow site but is a simple fix.

How Can I Safely Update My WordPress Site?

Keeping your WordPress site up to date is critical in terms of maintenance. Updates keep your site in peak performance and make it less vulnerable to attacks. The first and most important thing to do before performing any site updates should be to run a complete, clean backup, allowing site rollback if any major errors or conflicts arise. You may need to consult with patch documentation for updated themes and plugins to see if any known incompatibilities have been documented. Your hosting service may provide a 1-click backup restoration for maximum ease of use.

What Are the Most Important WordPress Plugins?

While the heart of WordPress software provides countless features, plugins are what bolster the functionality of your site. Think of it like how your phone uses apps you have picked out to best serve your needs. Developing these features and elements for your site natively would cost thousands of dollars to recreate in development costs. WordPress has over 50,000 plugins available in its repository, with community reviews and blog posts being the most helpful when locating a plugin that meets your needs. Stick to choosing plugins that have consistent reviews, are up-to-date, and have a high number of installs.

How Do I Increase Memory Limits For My WordPress Site?

It's fairly typical for most WordPress sites to need more memory as they grow and add more plugins. If you have a sudden burst of traffic in a short window, your memory could quickly hit the limit. This could cause visitors to experience the infamous 'white screen of death,' affecting both the front-end and back-end of your site.
You may need to modify your memory to adjust for increased theme or plugin requirements. If you find yourself needing to increase your WordPress PHP limit you'll need to edit a line of code within your wp-config.php file like such.
define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’ );

Benefits of Using Managed Updates

Keep Your Site Up-To-Date And Fully Secured

Automatic vs. Manual 

Automatic updates are great except when they aren't. All it takes is one botched update that misaligns your text or a new conflict with a plugin to make an automatic system a troubleshooting nightmare. With our experts reviewing your site updates each week, we can safely run your site in a staging environment before going live.

PHP Updates

If your site is running on an older version of PHP, your website's performance is being held back. We can help you better familiarize yourself with using your WordPress host's PHP management tools or we can handle the updates for you as included in most monthly plans.
PHP is the scripting language your host uses to build the pages that your viewers see. Site owners don't need to be familiar with PHP code, but your need to be running the latest version for the best speeds.

Available for Customized Sites

If you have a particular feature you're desiring when it comes to your site updates, let us know and we'll see what solutions are available. Updating any customized theme or plugin can be tricky, but our technicians will run safe WP updates to ensure your customized themes or plugins are working as intended.

24/7 Support

Our team is available 24/7/365. If your site goes down, we'll be on top of it with restoring and diagnosing what went wrong. We make sure you keep 100% network uptime, monitored for security, and backed up regularly.
If you have questions or comments about your site you need a response to, we'll get back to you in a prompt matter.

Peace Of Mind

By entrusting a team of WordPress professionals to keep your site maintained, you don't have to lift a finger when it comes to your website running in safe order while also in peak performance. If your WordPress site is hacked and customer information is stolen, your business could be subject to GDPR rules in Europe.

Plugin Conflict Resolution

With the abundance of new plugins, themes, and regular changes made to WordPress core files, conflicts are common. While many of these errors and bugs may seem site-breaking, they often have simple explanations that can be easily fixed- as long as you know where to look. 
Our engineers have the expertise and the skills to fix problems before they go live on your site.


Managed Security

It's not IF your unmanaged WordPress site will be hacked; it's WHEN.  We lockdown your site.


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No more slow website downloads due to uncompressed image files.



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