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WordPress Backup and Restoral Service

WordPressWatch is your one-stop solution for WordPress backup and emergency restoration services. Nothing is scarier than having your site go down, but we can get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Every single one of our plans includes daily backups with active monitoring and 24/7 support.

The worst must always be prepared for, even with the best practices in place. Backups are critical insurance for your site in case of any security breaches or compromises. Our plans start with daily backups, using automatic and incremental-staged methods that don’t impact your users during peak use hours. By keeping your files and database backups safe in an off-site location, we can restore your site quickly.

Off-Site Cloud Back-ups

We make use of dedicated and reliable cloud backup services. So even if your server crashes, have the peace of mind of knowing that none of your data will be lost or compromised.

If your hosting plan's backups are on the same server as your site and everything goes down, you could be without any way to restore quickly in case of catastrophe.


100% Automated

We don't take risks when it comes to our backup protocols. We make sure to schedule our backups during low-traffic hours to make sure they go through and don't negatively impact users of your site.

Automatic scheduled backups help manage your collection of backups far more easily. If your database is corrupted or erased, you stand to potentially lose everything.


24/7 Support

Our team of trained experts is ready to assist you at all hours of the day. In case a restoral is the only way to go forward, we'll give it emergency priority status.

We'll guide you through the process and explain what can be done to prevent any similar complications in the future.

By having staff all over the globe, we can have someone available to solve emergencies and answer any other questions you may have. No matter the time of day or year, we'll have someone on hand to make sure you are satisfied with your WordPress site.


Backups, Up To The Hour

Your website will be backed up multiple times to make sure we have the most up-to-date possible. We make sure that every edit and change to your site is recorded, saved, and available for restoration.

All of our plans include website backups with 1 click restore, starting once a day. Our premium plans offer more backups daily, so please consult our pricing chart for further information.

If your site has an e-store, be advised that you will need to back up at higher rates.


US/EU Storage Choice

The General Data Protection Regulation is a 2016 privacy law that affects all EU citizens. If your business is impacted by GDPR, you may have to be more particular about where your backups are being secured. We provide the option for our clients of choosing EU or US storage.

As long as your site collects data from EU citizens, it is subject to GDPR regulations. We'll make sure you're in the clear.


Let Us Handle Restorations

Overwriting your entire site in case of an emergency can be stressful, but our technicians will be there to get your site online and fully functional as soon as possible.

Our WordPressWatch engineers will guide you through all full site restorations, keeping the process as painless as possible.

We'll get you back online as quickly as possible and we'll further prevent the issue from repeating.


Only Back Up What You Want

Do you only want to prioritize some of your files for cloud backup but don't have a reason to back up everything, we can set it up so that you can customize what your needs are.

We make sure to back up only the files that have been changed since last, meaning your offline storage won't be clogged up with redundant files.


Upscales From 1 To 1000 Sites

No matter how many sites you own and need to be maintained, WordPressWatch has the solutions that let you stay in charge without having to micromanage. 

Have the peace of mind that comes from knowing all of your sites are in safe hands in case of emergency or some other catastrophe.



What Are WordPress Backups?

Your website is made up of files and software that have been placed on your server alongside a database of content and data. Backups are copies of this information, with separate versions being kept for troubleshooting purposes.

Are WordPress Backups Important?

Absolutely. Your site may have buggy code on error could be so catastrophic that restoring to a previous safe point is the only way to proceed. WordPress sites are targeted often and do require consistent protection and security maintenance. Assume the worst-case scenario of your site being maliciously hijacked, your data is corrupted, or your site's server being pushed offline with an unacceptable amount of downtime. You don't want to have to start over from square 1. Backups are critical when it comes to having a recent fallback to determine why a new plugin might be having an issue with the page's CSS or scripts.

Backups are essential for every WordPress site plan. If your site is attacked, or vandalized, or if the server's code is somehow compromised, you will need a recent copy to fall back on. Your web host may include backups with your hosting plan, but can you rely on those if their servers go down? Our off-site backup systems provide security and peace of mind. Leaving backups solely in the hands of a single third party puts you at risk. Redundancy systems are crucial when it comes to restoring any kind of software. Your WordPress Content Management System is no different.

What Is the Best Way to Backup My WordPress Site?

Backups provide a sense of security in that even in a worst-case scenario, you can always fall back to a previous version of your site. Having the confidence to know you will be safe in event of a crash, lockout, or critical error state provides peace of mind like nothing else. Some hosts do provide free backups as part of their services while others may charge. You're often better off asserting some control in making sure you have access to your backups without being reliant on your hosting service. There are numerous free and premium WordPress plugins that can address your backup needs, such as:

There are advantages and drawbacks to each plugin, so make sure to read reviews to determine which one meets your needs best.

Will Your Support Services Involve Troubleshooting Conflicts Directly With Plugin and/or Theme Companies or Live Chatting With Hosting If Issues Are Present?

Absolutely. We completely manage entire WordPress sites, which includes everything in the WordPress family of tools and services. If you have an update that is causing issues with your site, we will reach out to the plugin or theme developers directly to find a resolution as quickly as possible. If your hosting service has any issues, we will get on live chat to diagnose and correct the issue to help you avoid being on tech-support hold for a half hour.

To summarize, WordPressWatch fully manages any WordPress site, so our clients can better focus on their core business operations.

What Are Typical Response and Resolution Times?

The most honest answer we can give is that complexity and severity make every ticket unique and we respond accordingly. It does depend on the ticket, but we can outline the process here for how our WordPress Support team responds to tickets.

  1. After emailing a support ticket, you'll receive an automated confirmation email, as long as everything was entered correctly into our system.
  2. Within approximately 1-4 hours you will receive a message from one of our live staff about how we are currently addressing the issue and you will be further notified when the problem has been corrected.
  3. You'll receive a resolution email when changes are made to the ticket, approximately 24-48 hours after initial contact.

If a ticket has heavy complexity involved, our technicians may need more time than 48 hours to handle the issue properly to resolve it. Communication is critical when it comes to expediting these kinds of situations.

Peace of mind at all times

Benefits of a WordPress Backup Service

Emergency Site Restorals

Catastrophes and other emergencies are bound to happen. In case of a dire situation, our team of technicians has what it takes to get your site back online as soon as possible. We offer emergency support services at all levels of plans.

Having your site go down can be frustrating, but we usually have restorations performed before our client's site visitors even notice.


Free Up Server Storage

Backup services that are provided by web hosts are often mismanaged and will eat up your plan's storage space. We make use of our dedicated storage for backups. We also will manage your backups and provide any restorations as needed.

We only back up files after they have been altered, which cuts down on the amount of space your backups will take compared to most maintenance services.


Dedicated Security Protocols

We provide our clients with up-to-date backups and support in case of emergencies. Our 24/7 support offers security, speed, and performance boosting.

With our expert engineers keeping your site cared for, you can focus on running your business.

We'll have your site connected to our uptime monitoring system. This checks your site's active status every minute to clarify that everything is in working order. If your site goes offline or has any issues, our team will be on it and make sure you're in the loop for every step.


E-Commerce Data Backups

Dynamic sites, like those that offer e-commerce, have constantly shifting data sets that need multiple backups daily.

You can't rely on your hosting service to provide these backups either. Large e-commerce services like Shopify and BigCommerce only backup information on their servers, not individual accounts.

Malfunctioning product pages and insecure checkout systems can cost you thousands if they aren't addressed and corrected promptly. 


Immediate 1-Click Restorals

Having your site go down can be stressful, but we can get your site up as quickly as possible with a 1-click press.

Website recovery is thankfully not a time-consuming process to implement in most cases. If your site goes down for any reason, we'll be able to get you back online quickly.

90-Day Backup History

We'll provide you with a robust history of restoration points, all without wasting critical hosting or server resources.

In case of any unforeseen complications or if you need to restore to a previous version of your site for any reason, we can make it happen.


Fail-Proof Migrations

In the event that we have to recommend a change in your hosting plan to improve speeds or you feel the need to change your host provider, our technicians will make sure the process is easy and painless.

If you use a shared hosting plan because the price was so low, it might be part of the reason your site is so slow. We pledge zero downtime for our clients.


Performance Comes First

We make sure to back up your site incrementally to minimize the impact on user experience. Other providers may run backups during peak hours, negatively impacting site performance with slow speeds when your customers need you the most.

We'll also only back up files once they have been changed, which will keep your offline storage better organized and will prevent dozens of copies of the same file from taking up space.


Stored Securely Off-Site

We use independent, off-site storage like Google Drive and Amazon S3 for our backups, meaning that your website backups with 1 click restore are always available, no matter the situation.  Even if your server goes down or you have issues with your hosting provider, we'll have a fallback to use.

If you're reliant on your host to provide backups, you're putting yourself at risk.


Maintenance Dashboard

Our powerful set of dashboard tools will empower you with all the information you need about your site in real-time. Never be in the dark again wondering about the last time your site was backed up.  You'll be able to view all of your key site details in one convenient location.

You'll have full 24/7 access to all your key performance indicators. If you have any questions, our technicians are always available.



Managed Security

It's not IF your unmanaged WordPress site will be hacked; it's WHEN.  We lockdown your site.


Call/Chat 24/7

Live Support is our signature. Contact live support and get your problems resolved.


Image Smashing

No more slow website downloads due to uncompressed image files.



From Google Analytics to proprietary site analytics, we have the numbers.

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