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Unlimited WordPress Support

Unlimited WordPress support, website edits, and troubleshooting.

Our technicians will help you fix and tweak your site with unlimited edits, including no time limits or caps

WordPressWatch is your expert team when it comes to matters of working on, fixing, or otherwise editing your WordPress site. We take the stress out of finding a freelancer you can trust enough with your website to make a needed adjustment. Our WordPress support plans include our unlimited site editing service, meaning you get a monthly plan that covers all of your edits, fixes, and troubleshooting.

What Is Included In Edits

Unlimited does indeed mean unlimited, with any edits to content on the page being included. All of our plans include Unlimited WordPress Support, which could mean common changes to the headers or footers, the plugin settings, or CSS adjustments.

Some of our more niche services would include adding coupon codes or updating shopping carts.  Tasks will be addressed one at a time in the order they are submitted in. If you want something changed, please ask.


Examples of Included Edits

  • Publishing blog content with attached images that you have provided
  • Adding a new product to your E-Commerce store, with you sourcing all the needed content that is required.
  • Installing and Configuring a New PlugIn
  • You want the text of your About Us section to be replaced after sending us the relevant copy to be posted.

What Is Not Included In Edits?

We do not include custom development as part of our Unlimited WordPress Support service plans. Custom development includes such examples as coding new PHP, plugins, or themes, updating custom code, providing graphic design, or building out a new site or subdomain. We do offer these services, just not under our WordPress monthly plans. Please ask one of our technicians about our Web Development or Custom Development services.


Examples of Edits Not Included

  • You would like a blog to be posted, without providing pictures or text.
  • You would like a customized checkout developed for your E-commerce store.
  • You would like a new functionality created that doesn’t exist in any plugin.
  • You would like us to write original content or design your site

Unlimited Support and WP Fixes

If you’ve used WordPress before, you know how time-consuming it can be to try and figure out a bug or other error. Even failing to compress your images can make your site load times drag. Our technicians can handle almost any kind of tech support request, with most being solvable in the WordPress admin itself. Most common problems would be examples such as content not displaying correctly or broken backlinks.


Unlimited Requests

Our ‘unlimited’ offer really does mean ‘unlimited.’ We don’t want you to ever feel like you will be ‘nickel and dimed’ for every alteration made, so our monthly plans provide unlimited technical support and edits. At WordPressWatch, we stand by our unlimited offer being truly unlimited. We’re not happy until you’re fully satisfied with the work.

Focus on running your business while we get your website in peak performance.


Our Rapid Response And Resolution Times

Most of the time, you can simply call or open a chat and get your issues resolved as you wait, however, occasionally we might be too busy to do it on the fly. In these cases, our average request takes 1-4 hours for an initial answer. Pending on the severity of the request, most service tickets are resolved in as little as 24-48 hours. Many simple edits will be completed in a few short hours.

We understand how damaging downtime to your business website can be, so we make it a priority to keep our clients’ sites running as close to 24/7 as possible. We implement simple changes quickly.


Custom Development Work

If your project requires more than Unlimited WordPress Support and service, our designers and technicians have you covered! From social media management to web design and sales copywriting, WordPressWatch offers everything you could need for your digital marketing or search engine optimization needs.

If your site needs custom development not covered in our maintenance plans, contact us to connect to one of our engineers.



What Is WordPress Maintenance?

Your office or store needs to be cleaned with all of your equipment kept in proper working order to both perform your core services and be welcoming to clients. I just wanted to let you know that your website is no different in this regard. WordPress Maintenance services are meant to keep your website running at max uptime and peak performance, all while keeping your site secure. WordPress core components and plugins frequently update, so it’s essential to keep all these systems safely up to date.

My Website Needs No Changes, Do I Still Need WordPress Maintenance?

Definitely. Even if your website isn’t adding content or changing in any other aspect, your website is still dependent on ever-evolving themes and plugins. Security patches and other updates most often are issued in order to address bugs and other system vulnerabilities. Even if your site has no sensitive information on it, it is still a target for hackers and scammers.

Can I Maintain My Own Website?

Absolutely. As long as you have basic tech literacy and you have the time that maintenance requires, anyone has what it takes to run a WordPress site. Most business owners might not prioritize their WordPress site maintenance and some may just assume that the site will run itself after they’ve paid a freelancer to build something for them. WordPress systems are very intuitive and straightforward to use, but the real issue involves business owners setting aside the time to stay on top of needed changes or updates. Many business owners seek out WordPress Maintenance services for this reason.

What Should I Look For In A WordPress Maintenance Service?

When looking for a WP Maintenance service, you need to make sure they provide bare essentials such as frequent backups, weekly updates, weekly security checks, and continuous uptime monitoring. Some services may provide search engine optimization or content creation. If you are considering a maintenance service, WordPress Watch has you covered. Just contact us today for a free quote.

Yes, it's included

Unlimited WordPress Site Editing Support

Adding New Pages

Does your WordPress site need a new page added? We can add a new page to your site, whether it’s a landing page or a static services page. Just provide us with the content and design elements to have a beautiful new page created for your site.


Adding Posts or Products

Our pledge of ‘Unlimited Edits’ includes such items as new blog posts and added products to your WordPress e-commerce store. Simply provide us with the graphics, content, and design formatting, and we’ll be glad to publish it all for you.


Adding and Configuring Plugins

Have you ever had difficulty installing or setting up a WordPress plugin for your site? Let our staff handle the technical aspects and troubleshooting. We can also recommend plugins to serve certain functions. Simply provide us with the plugin details or license and we can install and configure it for your site. Failing to keep up with security-related plugins exposes you to risks. If a plugin doesn’t have a current license, it may be unable to update. We’ll update your plugins, themes, and core files weekly to keep your site in peak performance.

If your site has a legacy plugin or theme we can add them to a ‘no update’ list until a more permanent solution is found. We update all of your plugins and WordPress theme info weekly and then monitor them for any potential errors or bugs. We also optimize your plugins during site onboarding to ensure the best performance possible. Connect with one of our technicians for a feature you’d like to add and our technicians will consult with you on determining a solution.


Front-end and Back-end Edits

We are here and ready to help you tighten your site up in both the front and the back-end components.  Whether you need to make changes to the WordPress admin panel or you need a Call to Action button’s color to be changed on a page, we’ve got you covered. Our technicians will make sure your site is running smoothly and quickly, cutting down on site bounces and lost conversions. We also make sure that your site is fully backed up at all times.

We can also add lines of code for things like widgets or other additions. If your site needs any custom development work, contact us to connect with one of our engineers.

Having a dedicated WordPress management service means you no longer have to handle the gritty details yourself.  WordPressWatch will make sure your site is running in peak condition and fully secured. In the event that errors arise, we'll take care of them quickly- without any downtime.


Changing The Look Of Your Site and Adding New Features

One of the easiest ways to give your site a visual makeover is by installing a new WordPress theme, which is quick and easy to do. If you want to add more functions to your site, you will need to install a relevant WordPress plugin. Using plugins, we can improve your site's speed or securely add an e-commerce store to your site.


Handling Multimedia In WordPress

Having a wide selection of media, whether it's professionally-shot photos or video is crucial for your business's website. WordPress has simplified the process to be very user-friendly, but poorly optimized images and video embedding can hurt your website's performance and discoverability in turn.



Managed Security

It's not IF your unmanaged WordPress site will be hacked; it's WHEN.  We lockdown your site.


Call/Chat 24/7

Live Support is our signature. Contact live support and get your problems resolved.


Image Smashing

No more slow website downloads due to uncompressed image files.



From Google Analytics to proprietary site analytics, we have the numbers.

Extended services

Website Development & Consulting

Our all-inclusive, diverse workforce is at work creating great websites and providing top-quality services


Web Development

Web Development

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Mobile Development

Mobile Development

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IT Consulting

IT Consulting

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Data Analytics


Data Analytics

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