Web Development TriVita.com Phase 4


WordPress and WooCommerce Development of a new website for TriVita.com.

Project Plan based on the following proposal that was given both a verbal and email approval on Jul 25th 2023 by Marcus Ellison.

Proposal: Comprehensive WordPress E-commerce & Management Environment Development

WordPress and WooCommerce Development of a new website for TriVita.com.

Project Plan based on the following proposal that was given both verbal and email approval on Jul 25th, 2023 by Marcus Ellison.

Proposal: Comprehensive WordPress E-commerce & Management Environment Development


We extend our sincere gratitude to you for considering our proposal, which encompasses a comprehensive Linux server configuration, WordPress site development, and fulfillment integration. Our foremost objective is to offer our expertise to TriVita by constructing an efficient and sophisticated digital ecosystem that ensures user-friendliness and easy manageability.

Our proposed solution entails a comprehensive WordPress package, including website development, dedicated server website hosting with a 100% uptime service level agreement, content management, product sales, support, and fulfillment data communication. This endeavor goes beyond mere web development, as it also involves the seamless integration of customer information, including order history and other pertinent details crucial for supporting the sales process provided in call center “screen-pops.” Our ongoing consulting service is vital for this project’s success and our mission to empower TriVita with a comprehensive, modern digital ecosystem for lasting success.
By implementing this solution, TriVita can expect substantial cost savings in both IT and labor expenditures, resulting in a seamless transition to a more cost-effective and modernized platform. We are unwavering in our dedication to providing the highest level of service and support for TriVita’s continued success.

Primary Objective

Our main aim with this project is not to replace TriVita’s existing in-house applications, but to strategically and gradually integrate it with the current systems. This task requires time, detailed planning, and careful execution to ensure a seamless transition that maintains the integrity of TriVita’s routine operations. Our commitment is to improve system efficiency without affecting ongoing business continuity.
Five Phase Timeline, Approval and Payment
The project comprises five distinct phases, each spanning a timeline of three to four weeks and incurring a fixed cost of $3,449 per phase. To initiate Phase One, an initial deposit of $3,449.00 is required. Subsequent phases will proceed only upon obtaining TriVita’s explicit approval and remittance for the subsequent phase. This carefully designed payment and approval framework ensures a methodical and accountable progression through the project’s stages, fostering a climate of transparency and commitment to its successful execution.

Phase One “Setup”

Linux Server Setup, Security Implementation, cPanel, WordPress & Theme Selection, Installation, Preparation, & Load Testing

The description of Phase One is extensive due to the involvement of multiple tasks. Although relatively concise, it encompasses highly technical aspects that demand meticulous attention to detail, aiming to establish a secure and stable digital environment. We will focus on setting up the Linux server, installing WordPress, all other dependencies, server “burn-in” load testing, Raid configuration, and implementing top-tier security measures to protect your data while ensuring mission-critical data recovery.
The server specifications include a Dual AMD EPYC 7313 CPU with 2 x 16 cores/32 threads @ 3 GHz (3.7 GHz), 128 GB DDR4 ECC server-grade RAM, 4 x 1.92 TB SSD NVMe Software RAID, 500 GB backup storage, unmetered bandwidth, 1000 Mbps public network, 2 IPv4 dedicated IP addresses. Server is leased from NameCheap.com and located in a Phoenix, Arizona datacenter. Monthly fee for this server with all necessary software is $331.76. Press.Care’s server management cost is $469 monthly.

Server Setup Configuration:
Our first step is the configuration of the specified server hardware with Dual AMD EPYC 7313 CPUs and 128 GB ECC DDR4 RAM. We will configure the latest stable release of Alma Linux distribution, tailored to your server’s architecture and requirements, ensuring maximum compatibility and performance.

Security Measures and Server Hardening:
To ensure utmost security, this includes many steps, we outline a few here:
Disabling Root Access: Root access will be disabled to prevent unauthorized access and potential system-level damage. Closing of unnecessary ports.

Limited SSH (command line) Access with Jailshell:
We will limit SSH access to only specific users by employing a “Jailshell” environment. Jailshell is a restricted shell designed to limit user access within a confined environment, preventing them from accessing sensitive system files or executing potentially harmful commands. In this configuration, users will be restricted to “need to use” directories and only allowed to run a limited set of pre-approved commands. This mitigates the risk of unauthorized access or malicious activities.

Firewall Configuration: A robust firewall will be set up to filter and control incoming and outgoing traffic, safeguarding against potential threats.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS): We will deploy an IDS to monitor and detect any suspicious activity on the server, responding swiftly to potential threats.

Regular Automated Security Update Setup: Keeping the server software up-to-date will be a priority to patch known vulnerabilities and ensure overall system security.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate: We will install SSL certificates to encrypt data transmitted between the server and users, providing secure communication.

Installation of cPanel Hosting Software:
We will deploy cPanel as the hosting control panel, offering an intuitive interface to manage server resources, domains, email accounts, and databases efficiently.

cPanel optimization and configuration.

Demonstration of cPanels abilities, orientation, and basic training on best use practices to ensure security and uptime.

WordPress Theme Research & Selection:
Selecting the right WordPress theme is a critical step in the development of TriVita’s new digital ecosystem. We understand the importance of finding a theme that not only meets the functional requirements but also allows us to create the design and structure necessary to align with TriVita’s Bible-based, science-supported approach to physical, emotional and spiritual health. It is essential to maintain the integrity of this message throughout the new website to create a cohesive, impactful user experience that we believe is not communicated as effectively as it could be on TriVita’s current site.
To achieve this, we will conduct comprehensive research and consider several essential factors during the theme selection process, to include TriVita’s participation and direction with a specific focus on reinforcing TriVita’s commitment to holistic wellness.
We will prioritize themes that optimize speed performance and SEO, and offer design flexibility to create a cohesive and impactful user experience. The chosen theme will ensure that the new website becomes a powerful platform to connect with audiences, promote well-being, and inspire positive change in the lives of individuals seeking a holistic approach to health. With our meticulous approach to theme selection, we are committed to building a visually stunning, highly functional, and spiritually uplifting website that fulfills TriVita’s digital vision and objectives.

Research and Analysis:
Understanding TriVita’s Brand Culture & Wellness Message: We will start by deeply understanding TriVita’s message of holistic wellness, which emphasizes the connection between physical, emotional, and spiritual health. This understanding will be the foundation for selecting a theme that will allow us to effectively communicate and reinforce this unique message to website visitors.
Defining Functional Requirements: We will work closely with TriVita to define the specific functional requirements of the new website and digital ecosystem. This includes features such as e-commerce capabilities, product showcasing, member login, content management, and integration with third-party tools, all tailored to empower TriVita to easily update the site’s content without the need for excessive, full-time coding assistance.

Mobile Responsiveness: With an increasing number of users accessing websites from mobile devices, we will prioritize themes that are fully responsive and offer an excellent user experience across various screen sizes, ensuring that TriVita’s message reaches a broad audience.
SEO Compatibility: To amplify TriVita’s holistic wellness message, we will select themes with built-in SEO features or compatibility with popular SEO plugins. This will help optimize the website for search engines, driving more organic traffic and expanding the reach of the wellness message.

Design and Customization Considerations:

Design Flexibility: We will seek themes that offer extensive design flexibility, allowing us to customize layouts, color schemes, fonts, and other visual elements to match TriVita’s brand guidelines while maintaining the essence of holistic wellness.
Pre-developed Templates: Themes with pre-developed templates for different sections like homepage, about us, product pages, and blog layouts will speed up the development process and still allow us the freedom to maintain our customized designs consistency, supporting Trivita’s wellness message.

Customization Options: Themes with a user-friendly customization panel or integration with page builders will empower TriVita’s team to make minor design changes without requiring extensive coding knowledge, ensuring the message remains intact throughout the development process.

Design Aesthetics: While evaluating themes, we will ensure that their overall design aesthetics align with the concept of holistic wellness. This will create a visually appealing and spiritually uplifting experience for the website visitors.
Plugin and Integration Compatibility:

WooCommerce Integration: As e-commerce is an integral part of TriVita’s digital ecosystem, we will prioritize themes that are fully compatible with WooCommerce and offer seamless integration with the plugin, providing a user-friendly shopping experience.
Plugin Compatibility: We will ensure that the selected theme is compatible with essential WordPress plugins, including those for security, performance optimization, SEO, and analytics. These plugins will complement the holistic wellness message and enhance the website’s functionality and performance.
Theme Support and Updates:

Developer Support: We will research themes from reputable theme developers or marketplaces known for providing regular updates and excellent customer support to address any technical issues promptly, ensuring the continued success of the holistic wellness message.
Active Development: Themes with active development and regular updates are essential to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress version and security patches, maintaining a secure and stable platform to convey TriVita’s message effectively.

Phase Two “Posts”

WordPress & WooCommerce Integration, Technical SEO Permalink Structure, Blog Design, and Blog Content Implementation

A. WordPress Hardening & Configuration:
Having installed the latest version of WordPress and configured it to create a solid foundation for your e-commerce website. The core WordPress settings will be optimized for performance and security, ensuring a smooth user experience.
B. Database Setup and Optimization:
A secure and efficient MySQL database will be set up to store WooCommerce data, product information, and customer details. We will optimize the database to ensure quick and reliable access to information.

C. WooCommerce Installation and Configuration:
WooCommerce is a powerful and highly advanced e-commerce plugin for WordPress. We will install and configure WooCommerce, tailoring it to your specific business needs. This will include setting up currencies, shipping options, tax rules, payment gateways, and order management settings.

C. Permalink Structure Configuration:
Search-engine-friendly permalink structure is crucial for better SEO performance and user-friendly URLs. We will configure the permalink structure to ensure that your product pages, blog posts, and other content have descriptive and meaningful URLs that aid in organic search rankings and user navigation.

D. WordPress Blog Setup & Deployment
We will create the blog categories, technical SEO structure, and page layouts. During this time we will import and process existing blog content. While we will begin to publish and optimize blog pages and for search engines, this is an ongoing process that will take place throughout the project and should remain an active part of TriVita’s online marketing efforts for long-term success.

D. Product Catalog Pre-Setup:
We will also begin to create a well-organized product catalog, ensuring that your products are showcased effectively. The catalog will include product categories, product attributes, and a user- friendly search and filtering system, making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for.

By integrating WooCommerce into your WordPress website, we will create a feature-rich and advanced e-commerce platform that streamlines purchasing and order fulfillment. This powerful combination will enable you to manage products, orders, billing information, product stock, and customer communications and information efficiently. We will configure the permalink structure for better SEO performance and user-friendly URLs.


Phase Three “Products”
User Roles and Permissions, Product Completion & E-commerce Implementation

Setting up appropriate user roles and permissions is essential for managing access to your e-commerce website efficiently. This ensures that your team can manage the website effectively while providing a secure and personalized experience for your customers. We will configure user roles such as Administrator, Editor, Shop Manager, and Customer, each with specific privileges and capabilities.

Administrator: The administrator has full access to the website, including the ability to manage products, orders, user accounts, and settings.

Editor: In WordPress, the Editor role is one of the primary roles, typically assigned to content managers and editors. Editors have the authority to create, edit, publish, and delete their own posts, as well as the posts of other users. However, they do not have administrative privileges like managing plugins, themes, or user access or settings. Their focus is primarily on content creation and curation within the WordPress website.

Shop Manager: The shop manager role is suitable for staff members who need to manage the online store. They can handle product inventory, orders, and other store-related tasks, but they don’t have access to critical website settings.

Customer: Customers will have restricted access and will be able to manage their orders, view order history, and update their account information.

User Registration and Checkout Process:
We will configure a streamlined user registration and checkout process to provide a seamless experience for customers. This will include guest checkout options, social media login integration, and simplified registration forms to reduce friction during the purchase process.

WooCommerce Theme Integration:
To provide a seamless user experience, we will integrate WooCommerce with the selected WordPress theme. This integration will maintain the consistency of the design and user interface throughout the website. * The “Themes” of WooCommerce and WordPress are separate, which is why deep integration is part of the process.

With our comprehensive approach to WordPress and WooCommerce integration, your e-commerce website will be well-equipped to succeed in the competitive online marketplace.

Phase Four “Pages & Site Completion”

Page Development & Overall Website Enhancements

Pages will be designed and published during this phase. Content will be distributed throughout the website in accordance with on-page SEO content best practices. Products and brand message integration will be fine-tuned and adjusted accordingly. By the time the fourth phase, the site completion phase, is realized, all the design elements from the previous stages should come together cohesively. The website’s appearance, user interface, and overall user experience should now reflect the original design vision, while also incorporating any adjustments made along the way. At this point, all the different parts of WordPress – themes, plugins, content, and functionalities – should work harmoniously, enhancing the website’s appeal and usability. Ultimately, the site completion phase represents the culmination of the collaborative efforts of designers, developers, and content creators, resulting in a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing WordPress website. The attention to design throughout the entire process ensures that the final product not only meets the project’s objectives but also delights users, encouraging repeat visits and fostering a positive impression of the website and its brand.

Phase Five
Inbound Phone “Screen Pop” to Website Integration

To ensure the resounding success of this phase, it is imperative to engage in thorough exploration and consultation with TriVita even before commencing the project. Our primary objective is to identify a solution that impeccably aligns with TriVita’s specific requirements. After these essential discussions and consultations, we will diligently craft and deliver a highly customized and fitting solution for TriVita. Rest assured, our unwavering dedication to providing genuine and professional service underscores our commitment to excellence. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate seamlessly with TriVita, fostering the achievement of their strategic objectives.
Regarding the integration timeline, we are exceedingly confident in our capabilities to implement the solution within a mere four weeks, all while ensuring adherence to the allocated budget for Phase Five.