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We have a team of experts you can trust to keep your WordPress site safe and secure.

WordPressWatch is your go-to solution for securing your WordPress site. Select a plan that offers our security service and you’ll be shielded from attacks. We’ll patch any security vulnerabilities and keep your site monitored for any future threats. Our security protocols will keep your system fully protected and provide you with peace of mind.

  • Website security is one of the most critical things you need to maintain as a site owner. An unsafe and vulnerable website won’t just hurt your reputation with your customers, but with Google and other search providers as well. This will lead to poor discoverability for your site and likely cost you lost revenue. Keeping your site secure is important, even if there’s no actual sensitive business info on your site directly. Vulnerable WordPress sites are a frequent target for hackers and scammers.
  • Even with best practices being used, sites can still become compromised. In most cases, infections can be cleaned up by simply installing a malware removal plugin.
  • If your site is hacked or infected with malware, you should be able to get back to normal by restoring a backup. It may be a good idea to install automatic backups with a free or premium app, depending on which features are needed.

WordPress is a fantastic platform, but like any complex modular system with many working parts, it does have to deal with errors and incompatibilities. Some errors and bugs don’t fully reveal themselves until days later, making frequent updates a must. All of our plans feature 24/7 WordPress Security Service.

Install a Firewall

Setting up a firewall is one of the simplest, but most effective things you can do to drive away hackers and scammers.  You ideally want to be able to keep certain problem traffic away from your site, such as blocking IPs that try to access your dashboard.

We make sure to lock out dangerous parties from the first day. By blocking access to bots and users from suspicious IPs that make repeated attempts to access the site's back-end systems, you stay more secure.


Brute Force Protection

  • 'Brute Forcing' is one of the simplest and most common ways a hacker may try to gain access to your site. A hacker will try to gain access by spamming combinations of usernames and passwords until something works. There are steps we can take to make this far more difficult, such as changing your login URL, increasing password strength, activating IP blocking, and setting up a firewall. We can also lock out users who have failed too many password attempts.

Active Monitoring

We maintain active watch over your site in real-time, allowing us to respond to emergency events as they happen. We'll respond to your security issues actively, letting us tighten up our protocols and standards to know how to better prevent such threats in the future. Your site's uptime is checked every minute, so we respond instantly if it goes down.


Better Password Hygiene

As your 24/7 WordPress Security Service, we'll do a comprehensive review of all the admin user names with respective passwords, making it effectively impossible for a bot to acquire access using something like a brute-force attack. We will upgrade standards and improve password security where admin-level users will be required to use stronger passwords that won't be cracked.


Daily Malware Scan

Throughout the day, your site is scanned for malware that could provide remote access via a backdoor or some other piece of exploitative code. If anything shows up in your malware scans, we immediately get to work on repairing any files that could need it. We'll run further scans to make sure no backdoors have been left behind. We make use of automatic and manual systems that let us sweep for malware, catching what others may miss. We ensure your site is deeply probed and analyzed to prevent systems from being compromised.

In the event that malware is detected on your site, we'll have it immediately scrubbed. We'll also see what steps can be made to prevent similar infections.


IP Tracking

IP tracking is a crucial tool to make use of not only because it teaches you about your site visitors, but it is also needed to keep your site secure.

By making use of specified network blocking, we can block admin access from certain locations. If someone fails to enter their password from a sketchy location more than once and we can lock out their entire IP address. This makes it far more difficult for hackers to probe your systems for vulnerabilities.


Database Protection 

Your WordPress database is your site's brain and is a prime target for attacks. We make sure to harden your database against SQL injection attacks, which could add malicious content to your database. This is one of the more common attacks, but WordPressWatch has your back. Having your database breached would provide a hacker with full access to your entire site.

Default settings like prefixes and administrator IDs need to be changed or they make you vulnerable to attacks.


File Permissions

Permissions are what actions users can perform with your site's files. Failure to set these up properly can open you up to various vulnerabilities. While these may have been set up by your host, it's crucial your site limits unauthorized access.

We'll tweak your file permissions to limit access to those you know well enough to trust with sensitive information. This decreases your odds of being maliciously hacked substantially.


Weekly Plugin and Theme Scan

We fully scan all of your core files, theme files, and plugin files directly against the originals in the WordPress repository to make sure they fully match and are error-free. Only download plugins from WordPress's repository and be sure to research and vet themes purchased from reputable vendor sites.

Downloading cracked plugins and themes from file-sharing sites puts you at risk of having your entire server rooted. Malicious scripts can lay dormant for months before activating, sometimes covering months of backups.


SSL Certificate

Having an SSL certificate is a must-have for security and we can help with installation. Your URL will then start off with 'HTTPS', which means all of your data will be encrypted and your visitors will be able to trust you more.

Having HTTPS validation is now expected as the default. Not only is it secure and builds trust with site visitors, it also affects your SEO as well.

If your site features any e-commerce functionality, HTTPS is mandatory in order to process credit/debit cards.



Why Is It Important To Secure My WordPress Website?

Have you ever been warned after clicking on a link for a WordPress site that the site may be infected by malware and the browser advises you to not proceed? Now imagine if it was your site. Not only will your traffic be reduced from users wanting to avoid exposure to malware, but Google will also penalize your site in search results, meaning fewer people will be able to find you online. Having security performance issues with an e-commerce store on your site will lose you clients and revenue. Some key security fixes are one-time tweaks, but most require regular maintenance.

How Can I Stop Spam On My WordPress Site?

Spam isn't just an eyesore that clogs up the comments section of your site, it can negatively impact your site's performance. Comments may make your site hostile to visitors, many of whom may not return. If links are being spammed, then your SEO is also being affected. This is a common problem for any site that allows for public comments. If your site's comments aren't being used productively, it may serve you best to turn them off completely.

How Can I Keep My WordPress Site Safe From Hackers?

Security is one of the leading concerns with WordPress Watch, as site breaches can cause your site to go down, potentially costing you money. Hacked pages could redirect visitors to other pages, sinking your brand's reputation in the process. Having a hacked website will cost time and money to recover. Here is a listing of some of the best security practices to use to prevent yourself from potential site hacks:

  • Sign up for a managed hosting plan
  • Keep your plugins, themes, and WordPress core files up to date.
  • Use stronger passwords
  • Use credible security plugins
  • Use 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)


What Are The Most Common WordPress Issues?

  • The WordPress Syntax Error: This usually shows up after making a major change to the site like installing a new theme, editing the code, or adding a new plugin. It's a simple thing to fix, but you have to know where to look to make the correction.
  • The Blank WordPress Admin Panel: If you've ever dealt with this error, you may have been very worried as it causes you to lose access to your total dashboard. In most cases, the error can be resolved by manually accessing the cPanel File Manager to disable a theme.
  • The 500 Internal Server Error: There's a long list of factors that could weigh on this, so a process of elimination must be used. You can do it by yourself of course, but the process can be obtuse for less-experienced website admins. Both WordPress and WordPress plugins can crash or become non-responsive. If you are having too many issues with difficult plugins, consider becoming familiar with how to disable plugins and themes using FTP.
  • Error Establishing Database Connections: This is another error that may also pop up, most often from a downed database or corrupted database file. It's often a simple fix, but troubleshooting can be tricky.
Yes, it's included

Additional Security Options

Customized Login URL

One effective thing we can do to increase your security is to change your WordPress dashboard login URL from the default of 'wp-admin' to your own customized URL. By obfuscating your login page, it becomes far more difficult for bots and hackers to access your site.

Many default WordPress settings like this need to be changed or hackers will use them to your advantage. 


Block Fake Google Crawlers

While your site needs to be welcoming to Google's search bots, not all bots are created equal. Simulating Google's own web crawlers is one way that malicious code could infect your system. Malicious bots and spiders can muddy up your analytics and increase your bandwidth costs.

Our systems are able to identify between imposters and authentic web crawlers.


Comment Spam Filtering

We make sure that all junk and spam comments are cleaned out daily, keeping your site's front end well-managed and tidy. This will optimize your database speed, something that increases your SEO in turn. If your comments section isn't being used, it may be better to just turn it off fully.

An unmanaged comment section that is subject to spam will hurt your site and cost you money.


Daily Database Optimization

Your database is where the most critical information on your site resides. As it is used, it becomes more jumbled and messy, which will slow your site down, giving a poor user experience.

We organize and sort out your WordPress database to make sure you're running at peak performance. Being proactive about optimizing means that code gets jumbled up less, ensuring the most efficient use.


Using Trusted Sources To Verify

We clarify that your plugins and themes are checked against the repository files and that they are coming from secured and trusted sources. Only trust validated plugins from the official WordPress repository. We ensure that all of your files are authenticated by WordPress.org. If your theme is from a trusted third-party vendor, make sure to do research and check reviews.


Manage Inactive Plugins

If you have a plugin that isn't being regularly updated, it's a potential backdoor for hackers, even if it is disabled in your dashboard. We'll review all of your plugins to make certain you're not using any that are out of date and serving as security threats. If you're not using it for your site, you're better off getting rid of it.

Plugins need to be routinely patched as security vulnerabilities become discovered, so outdated plugins put your site at risk.


DNS Change Alerts

We make sure to monitor your site for any possible DNS changes actively. Changes to the DNS zone file have been known to cause downtime, so we keep actively monitoring your site's DNS information. You should note that DNS changes to your site can take up to 72 hours to fully propagate for all of your users.


2-Factor Authentication

Have peace of mind that your dashboard is actively being secured by making use of 2-factor authentication. A code will be sent to your mobile device whenever you log in. Even if a hacker gains your login information, they'll still be locked out without access to the user's phone.


Authentication Keys + Salts

We're able to improve the encryption of data stored in your users' cookies by making use of random variable sets. To state simply, this makes your passwords even harder to crack. WordPress uses salts to protect passwords by adding extra characters to passwords. Think of salts as bonus data for your passwords that will boost their effectiveness. 


Daily Link and Malware Scans

We thoroughly scan and verify all of the links on your pages, making sure there are none that send visitors questionable content or broken pages. We can make whatever adjustments are needed to fix it. Links can be crucial when it comes to having good site SEO.

Our regular deep scans will also detect all malware present in your site's code. WordPress sites are increasingly becoming targets for hackers and other scammers, so active monitoring is critical when it comes to not being victimized.


Attack Prevention

We provide use of our automatic captcha login system for a rock-solid line of defense. This will keep out hackers, bots, and other malicious actors. By performing a simple check that the request is being made by a living human, bots are rendered ineffective. This will help prevent spam comments from appearing as well.

We also respond to DDoS attacks and will help mitigate any impact felt on your site.


WordPress Hardening

Security is a never-ending arms race where you will fall behind and become exposed to risk if you aren't actively keeping up with evolving standards and trends. "Hardening" is the process of making your website harder to attack, while also mitigating any damage done should an attack be successful.

Don't let yourself become a potential victim. Contact WordPressWatch for our 24/7 WordPress Security Service. We always use recommended WordPress best practices.



Managed Security

It's not IF your unmanaged WordPress site will be hacked; it's WHEN.  We lockdown your site.


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Image Smashing

No more slow website downloads due to uncompressed image files.



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