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24/7 Emergency Support

24/7  Monitoring and a team of experts means we can get your site back online- ASAP

WordPressWatch is your go-to solution for putting vigilant eyes on your site the moment an emergency or catastrophic failure happens. Our technicians will maintain watch over your WordPress site and respond instantly to disaster situations.

24/7 WordPress Support and Observation

Our team is ready to provide solutions to your WordPress site, 24/7, every day of the year. Whenever disaster strikes, no matter the time, our technicians are ready to assist you.

Your site is checked remotely every minute of the day. The second your site goes down, our engineers are responding to the situation and looking for the quickest fix possible.

Comprehensive Communication

Once our team has assessed and fixed the problem, we won't just alert you of your site being restored. Our diagnostic reporting information will provide you with detailed reporting about the cause and what preparations can be made to avoid it in the future. We won't just fix the problem and move on.

We provide simple, jargon-free explanations that will be understandable to non-techies.

Safety Protocols

We'll compare your website using both manual and automated tools. This flexibility lets us better assess potential errors for your site.
Our vow is to get your site back online, as quickly and as safely as possible. If malware or a backdoor is involved, we will make sure they're eliminated as threats before we're done restoring your website.

24/7 Website Monitoring

We use dedicated uptime monitoring tools that check your site for critical errors hundreds of times a day. Whenever a catastrophic error is detected, our technicians are immediately notified to get working on a solution. Your site is being checked every minute of the day.

Full Summary

We believe in complete transparency and will lay everything out on the table.  Our email updates will keep you in the loop with every step of the process, making sure you have an understanding of what is being performed.
If there's something you don't quite understand about your site, feel free to contact us in order to clarify.

Weekly Reports

Emergency incidents are heavily documented in the case of a major failure as part of our 24/7 monitoring. We'll provide your site's uptime and downtime metrics in every weekly report. We'll also provide recommendations on how to avoid future problems in case of any issues.
By knowing what caused the problem, we can lower the possibility of the error repeating.


What Is An Emergency WordPress Service?

If your site goes down, you're going to want to get the problem fixed as quickly as possible. Not only will your site visitors be inconvenienced, but your reputation may take a hit as well- including with Google. There could be a problem with a number of components, such as the WordPress core files, plugins, or the theme you use. WordPress sites are also increasingly becoming targets for hackers and other scammers.

The best way to avoid catastrophic emergencies is by having regular maintenance, like any machine. All of our service levels include emergency maintenance support. Have the peace of mind that a team of experts will be ready to fix your site errors rather than having to troubleshoot them yourself.

Why Do I Need WordPress Help 24/7?

While you can prepare for emergencies, they are still nerve-wracking to endure- particularly if you haven't dealt with the problem before. By having WordPressWatch in your corner, you gain from our experience and knowledge. Your site must be fully up to date when it comes to maximizing performance and security. We only work with trustworthy developers and designers that keep their software totally updated.

Staying Updated Means Fewer Emergencies: Here are some of the regular tasks we run that greatly decrease the risk of emergency situations:

  • Security Updating: Your code is constantly being checked for weaknesses and vulnerabilities every day. Security updates are crucial in the front line of defense.
  • Performance Boosting: Even the best-reviewed and most trusted plugins and themes will become out of date as code becomes obsolete. Performance updating is key when it comes to making sure there are no incompatibilities or other errors.
  • Feature Enrichment and Enhancement: Web development is a neverending process, with trends evolving and growing every day. Software needs to keep up with this, otherwise, you will provide a dated experience that could affect the user experience negatively.

How Does WordPressWatch Manage WordPress Support?

Our philosophy with emergency support prioritizes preventative maintenance by thoroughly optimizing your site's performance and security. Our proactive approach means catastrophic emergencies are far less likely an event. In the event that your site ever does go down, we make sure you're given an explanation of the problem and the steps we're performing to resolve it. 

Some WordPress updates are automatically performed especially core updates. We tackle your other updates on a weekly basis. However, updates must be monitored closely, or incompatibilities and other errors could break a key site functionality or misalign a column to make your site unreadable to visitors.
Having up-to-date backups can be critical when it comes to getting your site back online as quickly as possible.

You can rest a lot easier with a team like WordPressWatch actively monitoring your site to correct any issues as they arise.
We keep watchful eyes on your WordPress site 24/7, addressing problems as they happen in real-time. We make sure your updates are managed correctly and that your site's performance and security are always never compromised in the process.

Yes, it's included

Unlimited WordPress Site Editing Support

Quick Response Time

Our team will respond to all emergencies as quickly as possible. If you have a priority ticket or have lost a major functionality, we'll work hard and fast to fix the problem.
Many tickets can be responded to in less than a few hours. Your time is valuable and we don't intend to waste it.

Emergency Restorations from Regular Backups

Your site may need to be restored to a former state, like if your computer needs to use a system restore after installing a particularly buggy piece of software. Our backups are kept off-site for quick and easy restorations. We include backups in our plans, including those with emergency support.

Solutions for 1 website- or 1000

Whether you're operating a single website or you're managing several thousand sites, WordPressWatch has the tools and experience you need to stay in control. We have solutions to keep all of your sites running at optimized levels.

Let us be the ones to get our hands dirty when it comes to site maintenance. You focus on preparing content that we will make look great on your sites.

Down-Time Prevention

All of our plans feature managed updates that are provided weekly to our clients. Our WordPress Support services will safely update your core files, themes, and plugins. These services come standard with all of our plans that feature Emergency WordPress Support. We also handle all issues with your hosting provider if there's a problem on their end.

Our goal is to maintain complete 100% 24/7 uptime with every site we manage.


Managed Security

It's not IF your unmanaged WordPress site will be hacked; it's WHEN.  We lockdown your site.


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